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Primo Writing Modern Prose.  Old-Fashioned Work Ethic.

Good writing should never be underestimated.

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A little about us

Ghostwriting | Editing | Business Solutions

If you want to be taken seriously in today's impatient and oversaturated world, you MUST be published. You MUST be seen as the expert - the resource - the guide people need. And that all involves writing. But YOU don't have to BE the writer.

People will believe what they read in print about you WAY before they'll buy what you say about yourself.

And you have to hook them in 3 seconds or less. Or you've lost them.

That is why you need a professional writer...someone like Jenny.

Hiring Jenny Claggett of Primo Writing as your professional ghostwriter, ghostblogger or copywriter/editor will be one of the best business investments you've ever made.

She will capture your thoughts. Complete any research needed. Put all of that in writing (in a compelling way that matches your voice). And she'll work hard for you.

All the time. Every time.

  • Iowa State University, Ames, IA
    Bachelor of Science, Top Graduate, College of Education

Work Experience
  • 16 years as a self-employed writer and virtual consultant
    October 2000 - Present

    • Research and write targeted copy for articles, press releases, blogs, postcards, direct mail and e-mail, special reports, e-books, SEO website copy, full marketing campaigns, books, and more
    • Write for a wide range of industries, professionals and speakers
    • Provide maintenance and writing services for websites, social media and blogs
    • Create new concepts and themes for marketing campaigns and advertising pieces
    • Proofread and edit copy for grammar, spelling and formatting errors
    • Meet all deadlines in an organized and timely manner
    • Perform and fulfill a wide variety of administrative and management tasks for clients around the country

  • 19 years in the business world
    1997 - Present

    From fifth grade teacher, to computer programs instructor, to Education Director of a trade association, to ghostwriter...

  • Iowa farm girl (So rest assured! She knows how to work hard!)
    Sometime in the 1970s - Present

    Although transplanted to Texas from Iowa, Jenny still walks out the work ethic, dedication and loyalty she learned growing up on the farm in southwest Iowa.

Personal Life
  • 32 years as a Christ-follower
  • 20 years married to the same man
  • Mother of two

What Jenny Can Do For You

Here are just a few of the ways Jenny can help you...

Prices vary depending on research required, length of project, timeline of project, etc. Once she gathers that information from you, she can give you a quote for your particular need.

Blog articles: Jenny understands that blog writing is quite different than other types of writing. The pace of our ever-changing world requires that ideas be communicated super quickly and succinctly.

Social media updates: Keep people coming back to you through your social media content, but take this tedious and time-consuming task off your list. Jenny has experience researching, gathering and writing the precise social media content you need.

Web copy: Good web copy is a dime-a-dozen. Excellent web copy makes all the difference to your web presence. Jenny writes quality search engine optimized web copy that can pump up your site and your online presence.

e-books: If you're looking for an e-book that packs a punch - whether you intend it to be a product in-and-of-itself or a "freebie" to market your services or company - Jenny has the experience and the talent to ghostwrite it for you.

Special reports: Special reports are a tested and proven tool for attracting leads and generating traffic to your website. Jenny has vast experience ghostwriting and editing special reports of all shapes and sizes.

Direct mail sales letters: Direct mail sales letters are highly-profitable business tools (even in today's online world) IF they are written and used correctly. Jenny knows how to write effective direct mail sales letters that generate responses and move your target market members down your marketing funnel...without being cheesy, over-the-top or too pushy.

Book proposals: Book proposals can be daunting and overwhelming - especially for today's already-too-busy professionals. Jenny's thorough book proposal ghostwriting experience has always been based on connecting to the heart of your book, the heart of your message - to YOUR heart.

Books: You don't have to be a writer to be an author. Let Jenny ghostwrite your book for you. She has experience ghostwriting and copy editing books.

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Prices vary depending on research required, length of project, timeline of project, etc. Once Jenny gathers that information from you, she can give you a quote for your particular need(s).

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Phone: 214.702.3704
Address: the 'burbs of dallas, tx
DM me on Twitter: @jennyclaggett
Follow my blog: in my own words: a ghostwriter's journal

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