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We serve clients worldwide with services ranging from writing, blogging, editing, project management, problem solving, business systems & solutions.

Basically if you have a problem, we can help you figure it out!

We're a Full-Service Business Solutions Company Based in Dallas, TX 

who we are

Our goal is to help make your business - your life - easier...
to solve your problems...
to be your solution.

From 5th grade teacher, to computer programs instructor, to Education Director of a real estate association, to virtual assistant, to ghostwriter...

...rest assured that this Iowa farm girl knows how to work hard!

Although transplanted from Iowa to Texas 25 years ago, Jenny still walks out the work ethic, dedication and loyalty she learned growing up on their family farm in southwest Iowa.

In 2001, she started Primo as a virtual assistant knowing she wanted to work from home as she and her husband (now husband of 25 years) started having children. Building her business completely by word-of-mouth, she expanded to ghostwriting in 2005. 

Throughout the years, her wide range of clients have depended on her not only for writing & marketing services, but for her business solutions and problem solving abilities. Heck, she even learned how to process mortgage loans for one of her clients! 

Long story short, if you need help, if you're overwhelmed, if you feel like you're drowning in the details, there's a good chance Jenny and her team at Primo can help you figure it out. Plus, you'll just plain like her!

Jenny Claggett


"Jenny is a phenomenal partner! I contribute a lot my success to Jenny's work. Beyond her many gifts and talents, she is trustworthy, reliable, and consistent. If you want a resource to take your business to the next level, Jenny is your answer. I am forever grateful to you, Jenny!"

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